In response to California’s recent drought conditions and increased reliance upon groundwater, in November 2014, the state legislature passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (“SGMA”) collectively contained in Senate Bill’s (SB) 1168 and SB 1319, and Assembly Bill (AB) 1739. The SGMA mandates that groundwater basins designated by Department of Water Resources as high or medium priority develop groundwater sustainability plans (“GSP”) to become sustainable. The Kern Sub-unit of the Tulare Lake Basin, overlying the valley portion of Kern County, is designated as high priority. The development of the GSP is to occur through one or more local public agencies that has water supply, water management or land use responsibilities within a groundwater basin.


Prior to enactment of the SGMA, the Kern Groundwater Authority (“Groundwater Authority”) was established to provide a framework for the active, comprehensive management of the groundwater basin underlying the valley portion of Kern County, to preserve and maintain local control (“self-determination”) of groundwater resources and provide long term surety for all basin users.


With passage of the SGMA, the Groundwater Authority seeks to coordinate local groundwater management efforts and is working with its members to determine the most cost effective and efficient way of meeting the new requirements of the SGMA.

Important Notices & Upcoming Events

Informational Meeting on Sustainable Groundwater Plan, Compliance & State Intervention:  Join us on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 5 p.m. for an informational meeting regarding Sustainable Groundwater Plan, Compliance & State Intervention, featuring guest speakers Sam Boland-Brien from the State Water Resources Control Board and Trevor Joseph from the California Department of Water Resources.  The meeting will be held at the Kern Ag Pavilion, located at 3300 E. Belle Terrace in Bakersfield, and is co-sponsored by the Kern County Farm Bureau and Kern Groundwater Authority.  Click here for a downloadable flyer about the event.


Coordination Committee:  2018 meeting dates for the Kern Groundwater Authority's Coordination Committee are posted on the Committees page.

Stakeholder Survey

SGMA will affect everyone... We want to hear from you!  Complete the Stakeholder Survey to voice your concerns and provide your valuable input for the development of the GSP.

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